Gettin’ freaky in the back room.

Sydney’s Back Room in Potts Point launched last night in the heart of Sydney. Just off King’s Cross, conveniently located close to the city and holding its media launch only 2 weeks prior to Fashion Week, Sydney’s Back Room is where you want to be this fashion season.

With fashion parties to be held there this May, including Ginger and Smart, Bec & Bridge, Zimmerman and more- Sydney’s first tikki bar with Parisian decor was completely packed out. Being in there was like swimming in a can of sardines- but very worth it. Sponsored by alcohol names such as Moet, Chandon and Absolute, it’s definite that the dudes who run this joint are on top. They know exactly what to do, who to go to, and are connected in all good ways. I was fortunate enough to be invited, check it out and dance my face off.

Stepping into the BackRoom, I  was amazed to find- I have never ever seen so many good looking people in life, in the same room. Models, models, models everywhere!

Asking for a coconut drink at the BackRoom extends beyond Malibu or coconut milk-based beverages. Your barman will serve you up a fresh coconut, pull out a man-drill from behind the counter to drill a hole into the coconut, use a syringe to inject flavour and alcohol into the coconut- pop in a straw and serve it up fresh.

A place of seedy seedy class, socialites and graceful trash- Sydney’s BackRoom is where it’s at, so check out when you get the chance.

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p.s. You can check out more of The BackRoom through their blog and facebook!

One more thing- my brosef is in town!! You can check out his hectic photos here:

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